Important Questions to Inquire from a Wedding Photographer

Are you about to get married? Have you planned your event in the right manner? Regardless, what preparations you have made, you would not be satisfied with it. There would always be something missing in your wedding preparations. When you look forward to clicking your wedding photographs, you should not be complacent with your choice of wedding photographer.

Among the popular names in the industry, you should look for annabel law. The wedding photographer should be able to cater to your specific needs in the best manner possible. When it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer, you would be spoilt for options. However, not all would be able to cater to your specific needs in the best manner possible.

Therefore, the best wedding photographer in singapore should be inquired about the below-mentioned questions before hiring their services.

Important questions to inquire from the potential wedding photographer

Find below a list of relevant along with frequently asked questions that you should ask your potential annabel law wedding photographer.  

●      Are they available to capture your wedding?

The foremost question would be the availability of the best wedding photographer in singapore. It would be pertinent to ask the potential wedding photographer whether he or she would be available on your specific wedding day to capture the event.

●      Are you aware of their booking and cancellation policy?

In event of your potential wedding photographer has been made available for your wedding date, you should inquire about their booking policy along with cancellation policy. You should not be complacent about the photographer booking your wedding dates with them simply because you had a word with them. You should actually book them for the wedding day by paying a small token money or booking amount.

●      Are they available within your budget?

It would be pertinent that you should inquire about their charges for covering your wedding function. You should rest assured that annabel law would be able to offer you various kinds of packages to suit your specific needs and budget.

●      Are they flexible and patient to work with other people?

Your wedding ceremony would not only entail a wedding photographer but caterer, florist, flower girls, wedding decorator and more. Working with these people would require patience and flexibility in the best wedding photographer in singapore.

Yet another important aspect to consider would be whether the wedding photographer is willing to provide you with add-on services within the same price. It would help you choose the right wedding photographer suitable for your needs and within your budget.

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7 Rules to Follow Blindly for Styling Groom’s Wedding Suits

If you are not used to wearing suits every day, then my brother, brace yourself. When you don a wedding tux, spin around and have a look in the mirror. In no time, it makes you look like James Bond. Yes, tuxes have that magic. But to look sharper, you need to do a tad bit of work.

Follow the rules below to get a perfect Bond look in a matter of minutes.

  1. Fit is king

No matter how expensive of a suit you buy, if it hangs off your shoulders, then bad news, buddy! No matter if you are purchasing or hiring, get yourself and your suit properly measured and make sure the latter is altered to fit. Short sleeves and high trouser kegs are a huge no-no! Explore the fall wedding suits here.

  1. Be bold, but not boring

Sure, the code asks for a grey suit, but doesn’t necessarily means that you have to wear it at any cost. It is never a bad idea to strut your stylish style and make a statement in the event. Vivid colors with garish prints, just steer away from these. Go for classic herringbone or glen plaid pattern that comes in muted tones.

  1. Never avoid the waistcoat

If you don’t like them, just for the sake of looking the best for your big day, consider wearing it for a day. Surely, it is stuffy and old fashioned, but the waistcoat is the epic accessory for a groom to don. It also cuts close to the body and hemmed to the belt, making you look slim and modern.

  1. When you sit, always unbutton your jacket by all means.
  2. Never go OTT

When it comes to accessorizing, keep it minimal. Less is more. A floral buttonhole, a pocket square and cufflinks are more than enough. And steer clear from the big, bulky watch and any rings you would normally put on.

  1. Fabric material always matters

The distinction between classic and cliché often lies in the fabric material. Wool mix, cashmere mix, velvet, cotton etc. it all depends on the budget. Also, consider the weather when you will be wearing the tux. And always remember that there is never a good time for wearing polyester.

  1. Always try the fist test

When you have buttoned your jacket, it should always be able to fit the fist between the cloth and your chest, at any cost.

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How to Personalize Your Wedding: 9 Ideas to Make It Unique

A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But aside from exchanging vows with your partner to cherish and stand by each other through the years, there is another goal you wish to accomplish with this event — and that’s to throw a gathering that you and your guests will enjoy and remember well into the future.

Today, there are plenty of ways to make your special day stand out from all the other weddings hosted or attended by your family, friends, and guests before. In fact, there are already a lot of wedding packages in Dubai that include some of these ideas. And with an experienced wedding planner by your side, your vision can be expertly transformed into reality to make your big day more personalize, and that much more special.

To get started, you must first picture the entire wedding experience. Of course, your loved ones will be there to witness your union, but sitting for hours is not their idea of a party. If most of your guests will be coming from many different places, you would not want them to just watch you throughout the entire event.

Rather, make sure that the gathering is interactive so they can participate in your special moments.  And despite the fact that the event should cater to you and your partner’s preferences, you should also consider your guests’ total experience.

Here are nine ideas that will help make your wedding truly reflect the ideas, preferences and personality of both you and your spouse, and will leave your guests in awe.

1. Create a personalized wedding program

Having a wedding program will inform your guests of the flow of the event. Personalize it with some fascinating details about you and your partner and make sure that it includes a detailed breakdown of the event’s proceedings (including speeches, dances and games) and any vital information they should be aware of.

With a wedding program, you will be able to capture everyone’s attention, and this will also keep guests busy if the ceremony runs a bit late.

2. Create a smart seating chart

It won’t matter if your reception involves a buffet, family-style servings or plated meals. Having a well-planned seating chart is crucial in making sure that your guests will enjoy your wedding.

When deciding on the seating arrangements, it would be great to thoughtfully group individuals with the same interests and backgrounds. This way, they will have similar topics to discuss even when they have only just met each other.

3. Get a welcome basket for your out-of-town guests

Some of your guests are sure to have traveled a long distance to witness your big day, regardless of whether you are hosting a local party or a destination wedding. Giving welcome baskets or bags, especially to those who will be staying in hotels, is an excellent way of showing how much you appreciate their presence.

The basket can include bottles of water, some snacks, and helpful resources, like a list of contact details and directions to the quaint cafes, nearby shopping malls, popular tourist attractions, and the best steakhouse in (or in the vicinity of) the city where your wedding is being held which they simply can’t miss while they’re in town.

4. Use a wedding hashtag or app

Having a clever hashtag for your wedding will keep everyone and everything about your wedding on the same page online. Ask them to use this whenever they upload, caption or comment on photos or videos related to your wedding. 

Using a wedding app is also a good idea, especially since there are already a lot of interactive apps you and your guests can use when uploading wedding photos. Other apps will keep everyone updated about any news related to your big day.

5. Serve signature cocktails

Customizing the cocktails that will be served on your wedding day will make your event more special. It helps give the guests a taste of what the couple being celebrated likes in terms of refreshments.

You and your partner can choose to serve your all-time favorite drinks, ones that have been specially crafted to match your personalities for the occasion, or ones that you have previously enjoyed with your guests and that they are sure to like.

6. Designate a lounge area

Not everyone enjoys dancing, so make sure to designate a place where these individuals can take it easy while still having fun. Set up a lounge area with comfortable chairs where they can still enjoy the music and mingling going on.

7. Play interactive games

Your celebration should not just involve dancing, considering the fact that there are some people who may be shy or unable to dance. You can also get some interactive games going for both children and adults throughout the event. You could make all the tables compete against each other in answering trivia questions, get married couples to play the Wedding Game, or create a space for kids to play oversized Jenga.

8. Hire a photo booth

A photo booth can make your event more enjoyable. Also, this will ensure that all your guests will have a photo of them attending your wedding. It’s also a great way of encouraging your guests to have their photos taken with different groups of people.

Make sure that it includes a wide array of props that your guests can use and have fun with for their photos.

9. End the party with a bang

Your celebration has to end, and it can certainly do so with flair! Leave everyone impressed during the final moments by organizing a festive farewell, such as a confetti send-off or a fireworks show. This will also make for picturesque scenery that will delight everyone.

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. Expect that there will be a lot of tasks to consider, including finding a venue, choosing a wedding dress, and searching for different suppliers. But you don’t have to do this alone because there are wedding planners who can help you with the wedding planning process. They are also your best partner in implementing these ideas to make your celebration truly memorable and extraordinary. Congratulations and best wishes!


Masha Cain is a founder and a managing director of Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. Masha’s idea of having a wedding planning agency came from having a wedding planner at her own wedding. Now, 5 years later, there are over 100 successful weddings designed and planned by Masha and her team.

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Some important benefits of online marriages sites

Nowadays, the idea of matrimonial sites is quite popular and most of the people who are in the age of getting married used these sites to find the suitable partner for matrimony. It is the best tool to search the right life partner for marriage. In ancient times, people used marriage brokers, family recommendations, personal contacts to look for the bride and groom. But these sites make it easy to find the perfect partner.

There are many people who are taking the help of online matrimony sites to find the right partner for them or someone for marriage. These sites have many profiles of brides and grooms so you can search the partner according to your preferences.

Here are some benefits of these matrimonial sites.

Free registration facility

There are many sites that offer free registration so you can create profile for self, son, siblings, daughter and anyone whoever is in marriageable age. You can easily understand the process of registration. These sites do not take any charges from anyone for creating the profiles.

Safe and secure partner search

These websites are safe to use. These sites do not share your information with anyone without your permission. You have the right to share your information with other members. It is safe and secure platform to search the right life partner for matrimony.

Easy and clear search

Many Indian matrimonial sites offer easy and many search options for partner search. Before starting the search for the partner on these sites, you need to update the maximum details for your partner preferences. For getting the maximum results, you need to share more information with sites. There is also another option which you can use for quick result is the quick search where you will get more results in minimum share of information. If you are not getting the desired matching profiles then you can change the search criteria and get more desired result.

More privacy options

There are more privacy options which you can use to safeguard the profiles. They have many safety tools to safeguard your profiles. They do not share any information from anyone without your knowledge. You can apply the more safety option which you want. If you do not want to show more information of self then you can use the privacy option to hide the information.

 No compromises

This is also a benefit of registering on these websites. You can search the partner as per your own requirements. You have no need to comprise when you are searching for the life partner. If you are searching someone who are well qualified and professionally settled then you will get more results who match your requirement.

Affordable membership

These websites offer membership to registered members. There are various membership plans which you can choose according to your requirements. When you come in membership then you can get more speedy results of your search journey. They provide these plans at affordable or lower prices.

Personalized services

These online sites offer the personalized services if any member wants. These are paid services and it makes your search journey simple and easy. You can get this option at any time. The service manager is assigned by these sites that manage your profile and search other members who meet your requirement on behalf of you.

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It is without a doubt that every couple or rather the bride and the groom want to have a memorable wedding to remember. Weddings are brought to life by the presence of your loved ones, the location and the scenery that surrounds the altar. The perfect paradise to hold your wedding is Bali. Seven Agency will help you experience your dream wedding at a favorable cost. The brides will choose from a variety of wedding packages that suits their budget. Below are three packages that most brides prefer.

Infinity jungle wedding

The wedding in Bali will occur in a resort located within the rural village of Sebali. The resort is close to the river, and it allows individuals to have a glimpse of the marvelous green jungle. With 16 suites, two family rooms and two pool villas the resort can accommodate up to 30 guests. Brides and guest can enjoy a luxury spa while enjoying the exemplary view of the valley and jungle below. The scenery creates a romantic environment which is why the location of the resort is ideal and perfect for romantic events, both weddings, and honeymoons. The package will have certain wedding services and they will be included in the price when you choose the infinity jungle wedding package. Decorations and services are fully taken care of by the agency.

Ocean hill wedding

The wedding will occur in Bukit Asah, an area located east of Bali. The wedding venue is a cliff covered with beautiful grass, making it the perfect place to set up and hold a romantic event such as a wedding. From the cliff, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, the Karangasem cliffs, and the green hills. The background is perfect and allows the brides to take stunning photos to make their big day even memorable. There are about five locations where you can take photos, the Balinese temple. Lotus lagoon, cliff, beach, and the waterfall. While on the hill you can enjoy local delicacies at one of the restaurants and cafes. You will also enjoy and have a glimpse of Bali’s amazing features. Additionally, the secret virgin beach at the bottom of the cliff creates a romantic environment perfect for a romantic wedding.

Private cliff wedding

This package will ensure that your wedding run with utmost privacy. It means that only your invited friend and family members will attend the wedding. The wedding will take place in a 5-star luxury resort situated on top of the stunning and unique cliffs. While on top of the cliff you can enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean. Guests and the brides will also happen to witness the sunset in Bali. Only 20 meters from the cliff, the couple will enjoy a wonderful and romantic dinner after the wedding ceremony is finished. This wedding package gives the bride and the groom the option to arrive at the wedding location, next to the altar via a helicopter thus making it the most memorable day of your life.

By having a glimpse of what the three packages have to offer, it is without a doubt that seven agency is the key to your dream wedding. They have a huge in-house team which means that you will have perfectly organized processes on your big day. They are also members of Bali wedding associations which means that their services are legit, there are hundreds of genuine reviews from real brides who have chosen a package from us. Also, check Facebook page and contact real brides to know more about the services seven agency offers.

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Tips to Find the Right Match Online

Life as a single person seems fulfilling and rewarding, you may get to pursue your hobbies, enjoy time at home just lazing around, and appreciate quiet moments of solitude. However, sharing a life with someone and building a lasting relationship has its own perks. If you are ready to settle down with a partner but are not sure of finding the perfect match, we are here to help you get some perspective and make your search a little easier. Whether you have a poor record when it comes to finding a perfect match on online matrimonial sites, or you are giving it a shot for the first time, the following tips will help you find the right match online.

  1. Make a Wishlist: Try to not randomly start browsing profiles, especially if you are not clear about what you want in your life partner. Develop a strategy before you go online. Just like you would make a shopping list, create a list with what you’d like to see in a partner. It could be someone who is an intellectual, someone who shares the same interests as yours, someone who matches your standards, and any other criteria you have in mind.
  2. Develop a Scoring System: Now that you have a list in hand, it is time to develop a handcrafted algorithm that will let you prioritise the qualities or traits you are looking for in a partner. You can rank the qualities based on your own previous experience, or experiences of your friends and family. This will help narrow down your search.
  3. Get Online: After you have your list ready, it’s time to browse a website. is one of the preferred matrimonial website which is trusted by over 35 million people across the globe. You can look for potential brides/ grooms on the website, and make sure to use all its active features so that your search gets better.
  4. Keep your Profile Description Short: Some of the finest profiles have precise or short descriptions. Just like a resume, keep information about yourself to the point and leave the juicy details for when you meet the prospective bride/ groom. This could add to one’s curiosity and keep it light and casual.
  5. Be Selective: While honesty is the best policy, giving up all your likes and dislikes may seem unnecessary to some and could inadvertently discourage someone from responding. Be selective about what information you want to put up on your profile, and what you want to skip.
  6. Be Optimistic: This practice should be considered while maintaining your profile or otherwise. You can talk about things that excite you, or what you expect a great day to be. This could create a positive impact on the other person and the chances of him/her being genuinely interested in you increases.

These were some tips that have helped people create genuine online profiles and have helped them get great responses and some good matches. You too can benefit from these tips and find the right match for yourself.

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Great Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding By Shopping Online

A lot of your wedding planning does have to happen in person. You have to try on and buy your dress in person, you have to taste and choose a cake and catering in person and you have to pick out your venue in person. But the simple fact is that isn’t true of all your wedding supplies.

Buying some of your wedding supplies online can not only save you time, it can save you a lot of money. You won’t have to make a special trip to a party supply store in order to pick up the party supplies you need (which they might not even have ) and you’ll usually get a better price when shopping online anyway. Here are just five of the things that you can save money on when you buy wedding supplies online.


No matter what size of wedding you are having, cutlery is going to be one of your biggest expenses. Why? Because you need a lot of cutlery. Even if you are setting out individual place settings, people are going to push their spoons onto the ground and drop their forks or set them down and leave them somewhere and need a new one. If you are having a buffet, most people will pick up new cutlery every time they go back for another plate of food.

Is this a bad thing? No, but it means that if you are trying to gather enough real metal cutlery for your wedding, you are going to be facing a serious task. Plastic cutlery, luckily, can look just as classy as metal utensils, and it is far less expensive.

Plates and Cups

Don’t think you can find beautiful plastic or paper plates for your wedding? You’re just plain wrong. There are so many different varieties of plastic and paper plates, that finding one that matches the theme of your wedding and your colours is simple.


Gathering enough wedding decorations to fill your space at a low enough price to not break your budget might sound impossible but if your shop online its not. Buying these wedding supplies online is a much better way to get exactly what you want, at a discounted price.

Whether you need paper hanging decorations or a “Just Married” sign for your car, or any number of other decorations, like confetti, balloons, and even centerpieces, it’s time to stop looking in stores and time to start looking online.

Wedding Favours

Are you having trouble picking out favours for your guests? Are you planning on having so many guests that buying favours for all of them is going to seriously break your bank account? Why not turn to the internet? You can actually buy favors for your guests in bulk online and have them shipped to your door so you don’t even have to leave home in order to get what you want and what you need.

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Everything You Need to Know about Anniversary Rings

A ring is deemed to be the perfect gift to give to your partner on your wedding anniversary. Some couples exchange rings for a vow renewal ceremony on their anniversary day. But if you are considering shopping an anniversary ring, what ring should you select, a wedding band, or something new entirely? If you are choosing to go the old school way, you can gift the traditional diamond ring as well.

Anniversary Ring Style Guide

Are you aware of the fact that there are particular gifts to give for each new year of your marriage? They begin small and gradually grow into something of value and sentiment. Here are some of the biggest and well-known materials to choose from.

  1. 10 Years: Diamond
  2. 20 Years: Platinum
  3. 25 Years: Silver
  4. 30 Years: Pearl
  5. 40 Years: Ruby
  6. 45 Years: Sapphire
  7. 50 Years: Gold
  8. 55 Years: Emerald

Diamond Eternity Rings

Marriage is deemed to be eternal and everlasting. It symbolizes and celebrates a lifetime union with an eternity ring. They are the original anniversary ring upgraded, featuring a line of high quality wholesale diamonds surrounding the band of the ring. The diamonds in this eternity ring is usually set low in pave and channel settings to shield the smaller stones. But, there are many setting options available.

Pave and Channel Rings

This ring setting installs the diamonds low in the band, shielding the small gems and providing the ring that seamless appearance. These ring settings are compatible for nearly each and every diamond shape.

Bezel and Floating Prong Rings

These ring settings showcase a very modern appearance with the metal totally surrounding the diamond at the girdle (bezel) or pavilion (prong). This ring setting is usually used for round brilliant diamond stones.

Shared Prong and Claw Style Rings

This ring setting is considered to be the most flexible when it comes to style like the trellis or the scallop prong and for the diamond shape because prongs can fit in more unique shapes like the heart shape.

Every anniversary is a joyous celebration of your union, and an anniversary ring is an ideal way to celebrate the milestones you have accomplished together as a married couple. Your anniversary ring symbolizes the beautiful life you have built on love, honor, trust, and eternal commitment, so showcase your ring with utmost compassion.

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The Top Two Destinations for a Bali Wedding

You’ll agree that a beautiful wedding, preferably in Bali, is the best gift you can give yourself and your partner in celebration of the milestone you just crossed.

Finding the perfect spot to hold your wedding ceremony is a lot like creating a signature meal. You have to know which ingredients to use, how to mix them in the right proportions to create balance, and how to present them in a way that entices your guest to want to eat.

The ingredients in this case are the wedding and honeymoon locations. Conduct the wedding ceremony in one location and move to a different location for your after party, or treat your guest to a guided tour in one of the island’s spectacular attractions. All this time, your guests are in awe of the first-rate meal you’re serving them.

How do you find the best locations that will bring all this to life? Here are the two most popular wedding locations in Bali today.

Villa Wedding Bali

The Villa Wedding is among the top wedding ceremonies in Bali, and for a good reason. The ceremony is conducted in a magnificent luxury villa with spectacular views of Bali’s finest landscape. It is a breathtakingexperience. You’ll be glad to share such a special moment with your family and friends.

Unlike similar luxurious villas in other places, Bali luxury villas are quite affordable. You don’t have to spend all your savings to have your dream wedding, and the Bali Villa Wedding makes sure this doesn’t happen. Go on, impress your friends on a budget.

Bali Hotel Wedding

The Hotel Wedding ceremony is equally popular with couples. The wedding ceremony is held at one of Bali’s impressive five-star hotels. You and your party have access to all the luxurious amenities found in such a facility. From exquisite tropical gardens and swimming pools to private beaches, you will all have great fun indulging in life on the luxurious side of things.

The wedding planner will help you choose the best locations for the ceremony, photo session, banquet, and private dinner. You can look at the wedding options available at The Seven Agency for a guide on which choices to make.

What you get when you use a wedding planner

There are many advantages that come with using a professional wedding planner Seven Agency.

Firstly, they have a full in-house team which collaborates to ensure that your preferences are taken into consideration when choosing venues, locations, and services.

They also offer the widest range of wedding venues and honeymoon locations. If you have a specific destination that you would like to try, let them know. They know the local area well and will ensure you go to places that are worth your time.

Expert wedding planners have lots of experience in putting together spectacular wedding events. You would expect nothing less from a company that has helped plan more than 2,000 weddings now, would you? They will make yours memorable.

Which between the Villa Wedding and the Hotel Wedding matches your expectations for wedding glamor?

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Beautiful Bouquets

There are many explanations why people wish to have beautiful flowers within their home. Beautiful flowers are elegant and stylish, and therefore are the main reason that many use them without more reason rather than place them up in their home. But there are many and countless reasons that people buy flowers. Be it for any holiday, birthday, or anniversary, there are many reasons that you should need or want to purchase flowers. Online is really a place and you’ll discover all you necessary for the flower department in a single incredible easy place.

Today, the majority of florists have website and provide flower delivery worldwide. They will help you deliver flowers everywhere in the world 24 seven. It’s the easiest spot to make certain that you’re going to obtain the flowers you’ll need, at prices which are low, and delivery worldwide and anytime of day. There’s no excuse that you should now be unable to get the proper of flowers in the perfect occasion for the sweetheart!

There are many reasons that you should would like to get flowers. Be it for any wedding and you’ll need a hands bouquet or amazing plans, there are many good reasons to make certain that you will get great flowers promptly. With online florists, you will get the flowers you’ll need, at time for you to make certain that you will get the best flowers possible. Anything you want or require the flowers for, there’s a method to have them and also the best strategy is to go to online florists. This method for you to have stunning flowers that will lure you and also are likely to help make your experience a lot better. With great and amazing plans to transmit to individuals throughout the world, there’s no excuse not to obtain the perfect type of bouquet or arrangement for your sweetheart.

Flowers are elegant and delightful gifts that you could send to anybody in the world. Whether you need to surprise her with roses, or send elegant orchids and lillies, you will find efficient ways to make certain that you’re going to obtain the beautiful flowers she would like and you have to send. There’s no better method to place a smile on her behalf face and fill the home with beauty and delightful scents. To consider trustworthy online florists, simply perform a explore Google, Yahoo or Bing.

If you want to say it with flowers, say it with blooms. We at Fleuriste offer fresh blooms in a box that will mesmerize the receiver. Choose from your choice of flowers and we will send the bloombox Singapore.

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