Layered Bob Haircuts As They Are Nowadays

If you have not tried a layered bob, you should know you are missing so much fun. With endless lengths and customisable finishes, there is, without a doubt a bob that looks great on your face and flatters your hair type. The present on-trend layered bobs utilise layering that aimed primarily to reduce or increase volume and makes the entire style look chic and modern.

Another important thing you should bear in your mind is how you will style your bob once you’ve chosen it. This is important since it will also determine whether your bob will be easy maintenance or not. Therefore you can opt for styling that incorporates highlights, or natural looking finishes. To make things easier for you, here is a great post to read. But before that, take a look here.

  1. Wavy Layered Bob.

This fine-looking style integrates beautiful short waves. It also uses cool, cinnamon-honey hue that is a game changer in this hairstyle. It is an ideal style to choose for women with pink or brown hair. For ladies blessed with natural curls, they will get a haircut that is simply a wake-wash-and-go. That sounds great!

  1. Ash Blonde Full Shaggy Bob.

This sandy layered bob incorporates layers throughout. It derives its shaggy appeal thanks to the method of backcombing used. The ashy blonde colour boosts this style and fashion-forward appeal.

It doesn’t matter how you sport it. Whether smooth or shaggy edgier or straight, you will be sure to steal the show whenever room you enter and all for the right reasons.

  1. Dishevelled Bob and Dramatic Waves.

The impact created by this short bob and the extended layers is just admirable, whether it is cohesive or detached. You can make it look more lively and energetic by including fresh and dramatic waves. To recreate this style, take some portions of hair from the crown and curl them lightly by use of a curling iron.

  1. Short Wavy Bob.

It is a modern take on the old jaw-length graduated bob. You can recreate the dimensions by pulling off the layers wavy and loose. And in case your hair has natural curls, just use volumizing mousse to scrunch them while moist and give them few minutes to dry.

  1. Snow-White Fluffy Bob.

Chin-length bob doesn’t have to be boring. And if you have lived your entire life thinking so, this snow-white fluffy layered bob is a game changer for you. It is an on-trend style that everyone is talking about. Remember that the bright layers are a tremendous way to balance your facial symmetry and also to enhance definition to your cheekbones.

  1. Burgundy Bob.

This one can be created through blow drying and tousling the hair. And if you don’t like applying a lot of heat on your head, then opt to air-dry your locks and then apply texturizing spray.