August 2018


Everything You Need to Know about Anniversary Rings

A ring is deemed to be the perfect gift to give to your partner on your wedding anniversary. Some couples exchange rings for a vow renewal ceremony on their anniversary day. But if you are considering shopping an anniversary ring, what ring should you select, a wedding band, or something new entirely? If you are choosing to go the old school way, you can gift the traditional diamond ring as well.

Anniversary Ring Style Guide

Are you aware of the fact that there are particular gifts to give for each new year of your marriage? They begin small and gradually grow into something of value and sentiment. Here are some of the biggest and well-known materials to choose from.

  1. 10 Years: Diamond
  2. 20 Years: Platinum
  3. 25 Years: Silver
  4. 30 Years: Pearl
  5. 40 Years: Ruby
  6. 45 Years: Sapphire
  7. 50 Years: Gold
  8. 55 Years: Emerald

Diamond Eternity Rings

Marriage is deemed to be eternal and everlasting. It symbolizes and celebrates a lifetime union with an eternity ring. They are the original anniversary ring upgraded, featuring a line of high quality wholesale diamonds surrounding the band of the ring. The diamonds in this eternity ring is usually set low in pave and channel settings to shield the smaller stones. But, there are many setting options available.

Pave and Channel Rings

This ring setting installs the diamonds low in the band, shielding the small gems and providing the ring that seamless appearance. These ring settings are compatible for nearly each and every diamond shape.

Bezel and Floating Prong Rings

These ring settings showcase a very modern appearance with the metal totally surrounding the diamond at the girdle (bezel) or pavilion (prong). This ring setting is usually used for round brilliant diamond stones.

Shared Prong and Claw Style Rings

This ring setting is considered to be the most flexible when it comes to style like the trellis or the scallop prong and for the diamond shape because prongs can fit in more unique shapes like the heart shape.

Every anniversary is a joyous celebration of your union, and an anniversary ring is an ideal way to celebrate the milestones you have accomplished together as a married couple. Your anniversary ring symbolizes the beautiful life you have built on love, honor, trust, and eternal commitment, so showcase your ring with utmost compassion.

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