Which wedding vendors should You hire first?

Behind every marriage there is a team of super talented professionals. Even with the vast majority of things at hand, a bride hires at least one photo service and the buffet . Even in the simplest wedding, a mini-wedding in the backyard of home, you will need a friend supplier. And choosing the right providers for your wedding is one of the most important decisions of any planning. After all, they are responsible for turning your dream into reality, is not it?

Many couples are confused about what to hire first, how to plan the wedding, what they should do. We already offer a free ebook with a complete checklist for your wedding, but if you want something more punctual, these tips here will help you a lot. For theWedding Plannerthis is a very important part.

The Best General Rule for You

The general rule of marriages is to hire suppliers according to priority. But they are not defined rules, everything will depend on how important that provider’s service is to you. It may be that the souvenirs are the most important thing for you, it may be that your dream is to wear a dress with a super beautiful tail, or else, your main choice is the photographer. All of these factors will influence when you start looking for suppliers, but there are some things that need to be prioritized. Come and see what they are.

Dress, Decoration, Hair and Make, Musicians and DJ

Essential suppliers that may be more or less important to you depending on the type of wedding you have in mind

Consider the ease of communicating with the desired vendor, whether by email, telephone, WhatsApp, etc. The more willing to answer your questions will probably be more efficient if there is any problem or unforeseen to be solved. Good communication with the professional is something that you should consider positive.

Have affinity with the supplier you hire. Talk to the professional and feel if he really understands what you are planning for the Great Day. He will be responsible for the success of your marriage and for the later memories. For the right Wedding Planning this is important.

Make multiple budgets

Negotiate. Usually wedding services have a value higher than expected. So, always ask for at least three different budgets that are in the same category. So you will have a price comparison and also what each professional offers. Knowing this, feel free to ask for a discount and / or negotiate the form of payment.

Choose the best form of payment. Suppliers usually ask for a signal at the time of hiring to reserve the date, and the remainder of the payment in the week of the event. Cash payment can guarantee a good discount, but in this case know the supplier enough to have confidence that the service will be fulfilled as per the contractor.

Lastly, knowing what you want for your Big Day helps a lot in finding the ideal suppliers. There are endless options for all styles, tastes and pockets. But if your style is well defined, this will avoid waste of time and energy.