August 2022


What Influences Your Choice of Sneakers?

Buying sneakers can be a therapeutic experience for most of us. However, sneakers stores are stocked with multiple brands with different price ranges. Without exercising caution with your selection, you might end up with a bulging pair or one that doesn’t fit too well.

So, what should influence your choice of sneakers? This post will share the common factors that will help you choose the right pair of sneakers online or from your nearest sneaker store.

Your Size

Before ordering your shoes online or from a physical store, it’s vital to get your foot size. Your feet might be of different sizes, so it’s best to take accurate measurements for both. Accurate measurements will help you get the right fit.

Besides, you should keep in mind that different brands fit differently. Therefore, depending on your choice, you might need to go down or up a size. So ensure to take accurate measurements of the longest points on your feet along with the width.

Brand Name

Your choice of sneakers can be influenced by the brand name. The way a brand sounds and the image it evokes impact your purchase decision. This is especially true for high-end and reputable brands such as Nike. You are likely to consider this brand more compared to other less-known brands.

Your Style

Everyone has a unique taste and style that influences their choice. In this case, you are more likely to choose sneakers that show off your style and ones you can wear with pride. After all, you do not need to buy a pair of shoes you’ll only wear once and keep in the racks. Better still, sneaker stores offer different brands and styles, so you’ll get one that suits your preference.


Nobody wants to invest in sneakers that require frequent repairs. Instead, you want a pair that can last for as long as you need it. In this case, the materials used to make the shoe will influence your choice. You can research the materials to determine if they are durable enough to give you the best returns on your investment.


Imagine spending your hard-earned money on a pair of sneakers that are not comfortable to wear. It will be a waste because you’ll never fancy wearing the shoes. This is why comfort should be a priority in your buying decision.

You can assess comfort by checking out the lining and ensuring it’s not too hard. Also, you must ensure that the sneakers are the right size for your feet. It will help you prevent irritation and blisters often resulting from wearing uncomfortable shoes for long hours.


Designers are flooding the market, so finding multiple brands in sneakers stores is not a surprise. All the brands fetch varying prices, so your choice will depend on your budget. However, you must ensure to get good quality sneakers to get the best value for your money.

The Bottom Line

 Buying sneakers, whether online or in-store, will be a hassle-free experience if you understand what works best for you. It’s also vital to purchase from a reputable store for a quality guarantee.

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