Practical Tips to apply During Wedding Photography and Videography in Sydney

This is something most of the people want to know about when they are preparing for the special day of their life. On the Internet, you will find this question in several forums. This is one of the most searched topics. In this article, you will come to know about technical tips of Fame Park Studio that will help you take wonderful photographs, which you will remember for always.

Create a shots list

You want to make a photo album of your wedding day, but at the end of it, you may realize that you have missed a certain kind of photograph. This is the reason why you need to create a list of the photographs you want to take. You need to think ahead so that you can plan in accordance with what to capture on the special day. You can also compile a list and this will be helpful. This will make sure that you do not miss family shots. Believe me there is nothing worse than missing a couple photograph with grandma.

Wedding photography

This is a stressful day for family members because they are busy in arranging the things. You will find all family members and friends in a festive spirit. You can also assign photographs of different situations to different family members. You can call them director of that particular shoot. This will help to round everyone and take a group photograph. You do not need to call everyone for the click, as your family member will do the job.

Scout the location

You need to visit different locations in Sydney to find an appropriate place for the big day. Your hunting for location must be completed a month before your wedding day. If you take some friends or family members along with you, then you can take a couple of shots in those particular positions you want. This will help you understand that is this position going to work. How the photograph will look like.


Remember that anything can go wrong at this day and this will ruin your mood. Your bad mood may further affect your program. Therefore, it is imperative at your part to have a backup plan. In case of bad weather, what you are going to do. Recharge your batteries, take blank memory cards and so on. If possible then you can attend the rehearsal of the ceremony. This will help you understand new positions to shoot Wedding Photography and Videography. You can further arrange lightning and other things according to you.

Through the lens of photographers specializing in Wedding and Elopement Photography, every gesture, smile, and vow is meticulously documented, creating a visual narrative that encapsulates the essence of love.