Here are some Out of the Box Wedding Ideas for Las Vegas

Las Vegas is deemed one of the topmost priorities for couples to get hitched at. Not because it has access to all the glitz and glamor, but because this very Sin City has easy access to marriage licenses and some wedding venue haunts to render your nuptial a memorable one. Not sure how to begin, visit for more. In the meantime, check these most out of the box places to elope in Las Vegas and get married!

  1. On the ship at Treasure Island

Walking on the aisle is too mainstream, so why not get hitched while aboard the pirate ship in front of Treasure Island Hotel and Casino? This goofy boat has many performances in the pirate theme if you are looking forward to having a similar themed wedding.

  1. At the Graceland Wedding Chapel

If you are not taking your parents along, and if it is just Las Vegas elopement for two, then head to this very chapel where Elvis will walk the bride down the aisle at this chapel. He will also sing a few songs while donning your choice of attire. Apart from Elvis, many other rockers also show up like Bon Jovi.

  1. At the gun store

Are you interested in having a shotgun wedding? This Gun Store shooting range has its own wedding chapel and get ready to have a blast! (Pun intended) This is because the couple will also get to fire off a few rounds after the ceremony. So, are you ready to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

  1. While playing the KISS Monster Mini Golf

Wear your best Gene Simmons makeup, play a little golf and exchange vows inside the most amazing rock and roll wedding chapel in Vegas just like a KISS concert 1977.

  1. At Tryst Night Club

If you are looking forward to organizing your wedding, reception, and your bachelor parties all in one, then get married in a nightclub. Such a unique idea, isn’t it? Tryst is probably the best night club in Las Vegas where it has its own private lagoon and waterfalls which renders it a perfect backdrop.

  1. At the Mob Museum

Get hitched in the former courthouse where the gangsters were prosecuted back ages ago. It is perfect for those couples who find the humor in marriage as a jail sentence.