It is without a doubt that every couple or rather the bride and the groom want to have a memorable wedding to remember. Weddings are brought to life by the presence of your loved ones, the location and the scenery that surrounds the altar. The perfect paradise to hold your wedding is Bali. Seven Agency will help you experience your dream wedding at a favorable cost. The brides will choose from a variety of wedding packages that suits their budget. Below are three packages that most brides prefer.

Infinity jungle wedding

The wedding in Bali will occur in a resort located within the rural village of Sebali. The resort is close to the river, and it allows individuals to have a glimpse of the marvelous green jungle. With 16 suites, two family rooms and two pool villas the resort can accommodate up to 30 guests. Brides and guest can enjoy a luxury spa while enjoying the exemplary view of the valley and jungle below. The scenery creates a romantic environment which is why the location of the resort is ideal and perfect for romantic events, both weddings, and honeymoons. The package will have certain wedding services and they will be included in the price when you choose the infinity jungle wedding package. Decorations and services are fully taken care of by the agency.

Ocean hill wedding

The wedding will occur in Bukit Asah, an area located east of Bali. The wedding venue is a cliff covered with beautiful grass, making it the perfect place to set up and hold a romantic event such as a wedding. From the cliff, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean, the Karangasem cliffs, and the green hills. The background is perfect and allows the brides to take stunning photos to make their big day even memorable. There are about five locations where you can take photos, the Balinese temple. Lotus lagoon, cliff, beach, and the waterfall. While on the hill you can enjoy local delicacies at one of the restaurants and cafes. You will also enjoy and have a glimpse of Bali’s amazing features. Additionally, the secret virgin beach at the bottom of the cliff creates a romantic environment perfect for a romantic wedding.

Private cliff wedding

This package will ensure that your wedding run with utmost privacy. It means that only your invited friend and family members will attend the wedding. The wedding will take place in a 5-star luxury resort situated on top of the stunning and unique cliffs. While on top of the cliff you can enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean. Guests and the brides will also happen to witness the sunset in Bali. Only 20 meters from the cliff, the couple will enjoy a wonderful and romantic dinner after the wedding ceremony is finished. This wedding package gives the bride and the groom the option to arrive at the wedding location, next to the altar via a helicopter thus making it the most memorable day of your life.

By having a glimpse of what the three packages have to offer, it is without a doubt that seven agency is the key to your dream wedding. They have a huge in-house team which means that you will have perfectly organized processes on your big day. They are also members of Bali wedding associations which means that their services are legit, there are hundreds of genuine reviews from real brides who have chosen a package from us. Also, check Facebook page and contact real brides to know more about the services seven agency offers.