Make Your Dream Wedding Come True With Checklist for Planning the First Stages

Celebrating your engagement is a must, but once you are ready, it is time to dive into planning officially your wedding. Now the first point is, How to plan your dream wedding. This is the time you start thinking that there are many crucial decisions to be taken even to plan a weeding. There is a need for a checklist for planning the first stages of your dream wedding. Begin with:

Planning timetable

After getting engaged, the next following is to set your wedding date. This is essential as the first stage of planning so that you know the exact wedding date to book the wedding venue. Focus on determining the dates; consider the season preferred, family events or major holidays.

Wedding Budget

Having your dream wedding and spending loads is never on the list. So decide ‘what is your budget’. Think simple ways of cutting your budget. You can do this by trimming the guest list. Also remember, the costs of venue cost you one-third of your budget.

Wedding prioritization checklist

Knowing your budget means now you must have a prioritization checklist to decide that you must spend as priority. Note down few things:

  • What is important
  • How much to spend on approx
  • A themed wedding cake
  • A professional photographer
  • Abroad honeymoon

Remember, there is no hard and fast rule to follow conventions or even to have everything that is deemed to be your need.

Book vendors in advance

Get your vendors booked in advance with venues to ensure safety. This keeps you less strained during your wedding day.

Wedding Ring

Get wedding ring from a reputable place for peace of mind. Also get it insurance as it is worth it. You can get this insurance from a company specializing in jewelry insurance.

Shop Wedding Dresses

Begin your search online, looking for wedding dress photos and the few dresses you like can be saved as your favorites. This can be taken to your appointments.

More importantly, before entering a dress salon learn the lingo. Go with knowledge about trains, necklines, silhouettes and hues flattering. Also consider the season you are getting married to switch with choices. If your wedding is in summer, go for linen, chiffon or organza type lightweight fabrics and for a winter wedding, choose faux fur, brocade and velvet to stay warm. However, for an all time perfect dress, go for silk, shantung, satin and tulle.

Note: Ensure a restful night sleep and a relaxed day prior to the wedding.