7 Rules to Follow Blindly for Styling Groom’s Wedding Suits

If you are not used to wearing suits every day, then my brother, brace yourself. When you don a wedding tux, spin around and have a look in the mirror. In no time, it makes you look like James Bond. Yes, tuxes have that magic. But to look sharper, you need to do a tad bit of work.

Follow the rules below to get a perfect Bond look in a matter of minutes.

  1. Fit is king

No matter how expensive of a suit you buy, if it hangs off your shoulders, then bad news, buddy! No matter if you are purchasing or hiring, get yourself and your suit properly measured and make sure the latter is altered to fit. Short sleeves and high trouser kegs are a huge no-no! Explore the fall wedding suits here.

  1. Be bold, but not boring

Sure, the code asks for a grey suit, but doesn’t necessarily means that you have to wear it at any cost. It is never a bad idea to strut your stylish style and make a statement in the event. Vivid colors with garish prints, just steer away from these. Go for classic herringbone or glen plaid pattern that comes in muted tones.

  1. Never avoid the waistcoat

If you don’t like them, just for the sake of looking the best for your big day, consider wearing it for a day. Surely, it is stuffy and old fashioned, but the waistcoat is the epic accessory for a groom to don. It also cuts close to the body and hemmed to the belt, making you look slim and modern.

  1. When you sit, always unbutton your jacket by all means.
  2. Never go OTT

When it comes to accessorizing, keep it minimal. Less is more. A floral buttonhole, a pocket square and cufflinks are more than enough. And steer clear from the big, bulky watch and any rings you would normally put on.

  1. Fabric material always matters

The distinction between classic and cliché often lies in the fabric material. Wool mix, cashmere mix, velvet, cotton etc. it all depends on the budget. Also, consider the weather when you will be wearing the tux. And always remember that there is never a good time for wearing polyester.

  1. Always try the fist test

When you have buttoned your jacket, it should always be able to fit the fist between the cloth and your chest, at any cost.